It was always going to happen - we just didn't know when. Finally, we have the class that can put you on the styling map! Styling Prac & Publish is the day long class that will have any styling theory working hand in hand with practical coal-face styling! We invite you to be part of our styling team - shooting 10 glorious pages for divine magazine Fete Press's Spring Issue. All details over at but the best thing is those involved with get a byline in print!

This could very well be the styling class you have been waiting for. Yes, we agree, it is a commitment in both money and time, but we are convinced that this is the type of class that some of us need to take things and intentions to the next level.  

Interested in joining Team Awesome? Send us an email if you want to see if its the right class/investment for you. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity that wont come around again anytime soon, so we are looking for the right people to join the crew. We decided Adelaide would be ideal - its the land of plenty, its far away, it makes it challenging for us but also so rich in rewards!  Think of it as a working styling holiday with printed benefits!