Our Candy Sparkles is the master of making. She runs our Kids Holiday Workshops and we wanted to share her super easy peasy DIY Egg Dye for Easter. Add your own monogramming, stickers, calligraphy and collage! 

Step 1.

Gently tap the nose of the egg on the rim of a glass until you hear the first crack. Insert sharp end of bamboo skewer in and lever away pieces of shell - until you have a circle about the size of a ten cent piece. Pierce the yolk with the skewer and pour it into a bowl then remove remaining goop from shell interior. (You can sterilise the egg in gently boiling water for ten minutes if you are partial to exceptional hygiene egg related standards!).

Step 2.

In a container (non-metal please!) mix 2 cups of hot boiled water with 3 tablespoons of vinegar and start with 20 drops of food colouring - dipping leftover pieces of shell to test hue. Lower egg gently into mix (turning at half time) steep for no more than ten minutes. Lift out the egg with blunt end of bamboo skewer (or a chopstick if handier?). Hang the eggs on the ends bamboo skewers anchored into foam or cardboard to dry.

Step 3.

Yes, of course you can buy it, but we are The School so we are going to encourage you to make your own confetti by cutting teeny squares of tissue paper in your colour selection. Once cut insert as much as you can into the opening of your dry eggshell (cake sprinkles are also an option). Cut a circle of tissue paper large enough to  cover the hole. Dab dots of glue around the edge of it and place it over the opening of the egg, patting the glued spots down until it adheres.

Step 4.

Now for the fun!  Hold a confetti-egg hunt and end it with participants cracking their finds (gently) over the heads of those you love the most!
From our The School family to yours, we wish you a beautiful Easter break!  (And for those that are ex-Shibori students, why not make some indigo blue Shibori eggs? Oh so divine - the possibilities really are endless).