We met Arkie at The School's Birthday Party. We were pretty impressed with her texta skills. We started to stalked her on instagram as we are stylists, not brain surgeons, we were totally taken by her good looks and smitten by her smarts. Arkie along with her carer, Laura, have been working on the new website for The School. We love it and we thank you Arkie for your patience and cleverness. If the internet needed a dog mascot, you would so be our pick. We are also excited to announce that we have set up a dedicated Facebook for all things The School. We will post new announcements, teacher interviews, tips, ideas and class pictures over at the new page. We really hope you join us over there. Your company over there is needed and we appreciate you following our page. Arkie will drop around and check up on us at our Rosebery office from time to time (she likes Mike's food) so we will be sure to keep you up to date with Arkie's adventures as well. Thanks Arki. Thanks Laura.