A wonderful post and looksie into the Rachel Castle print class. It really is that wonderful.

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I have to be perfectly honest with you, I was a tad nervous before attending Rachel's screen printing class hosted by The School Hobart Roadshow.These days I spend more time teaching than learning new things myself, so I probably shouldn't be surprised that I was a little anxious.

Rachel is a complete powerhouse of print. I swear to god (or whoever). She was determined that every single person who came on the day would go home with a perfect print. And they did.

Megan and Sophie were on hand to help out - and as we began to learn the process, the students managed to help each other as well, lending a pair of hands to firmly hold a screen, sharing ideas for patterns and colours, supporting through the trials and errors and cheering at the successes. Considering the majority of us had only met that day I think it really demonstrated the ethos of The School. I'm going to use the word generosity again (just as I did when I wrote about Kara's Vignettes workshop earlier in the week) because it really burst through all my experiences at The School's travelling roadshow - a little bit like when sun rays finally manage to penetrate thick grey rainclouds. (Ooooh, look. I'm getting all poetic and stuff.)

If you are considering doing one of the workshops, I highly (so highly) recommend getting along to work with Rachel. She's fabulous and funny and makes learning something new a joyful experience.

Have you learnt a new skill lately? Tell me, tell me!

Thank you 'Look See by Naomi Fenton' x

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