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Catherine Wilson

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Name: Catherine Wilson @cg_lifestyled

Occupation: “Small business owner & adviser, former corporate intellectual property lawyer”

Me in 3 words: “Creative; recovering type-A” 

Classes taken: “Watercolour 101, Small Business Makeover, Small Business Makeover Alumni class (Sydney), Science of Styling, Instagram 101 and Photography 101.”

I heard about The School: “Instagram”

How I’d describe The School: “A joyful, inclusive environment, filled to the brim with inspiring people; a place where you can't help but be inspired and in turn, you may find yourself inspiring others.”

Something that stood out to me: “You never know who you are going to meet, where they may lead you and where you may find yourself - take a chance!”

The thing I learned: “Creativity exists in you, you just need to give it the time to find its way out.”

School learnings I use in my job: “Everyday I use the skills developed during the photography class and Styling class when taking images for my Style & Shoot clients. When working on the business side of my business, I am constantly reaching for ideas and skills learnt during Small Business Makeover Class.”

Classes on my wish list: “Elise Pioch Balzac's candle making class, Ashley Woodson Bailey's Florography class and Maybelle's calligraphy class.”

Shot by @pablo__veiga

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