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Kim Tran

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Name: Kim Tran @so9restaurant

Occupation:  “Entrepreneur/Founder of Mushu + So 9 Restaurant”

Me in 3 words: “Mother, wife, dream chaser” 

Classes taken: “Instagram, Photography 101, Photoshop Beginners, Photoshop Intermediate, Candle Making and Small Business.”

I heard about The School: “I heard about The School through word of mouth from some friends.  Being around so many creative friends it was a must to attend to The School.”

How I’d describe The School: “A space where like-minded creative people can come and network, bond and learn gems of wisdoms and skills from a great ensemble of teachers.”

Something that stood out to me:  “I learnt so many gems from Robyn Holt’s (@robynh66) Small Business Makeover class but in particular I realised I needed to self promote myself and my business, even though it doesn’t come naturally to me due to my upbringing.”

The thing I learned and people I met: “Meeting all the teachers has been the best part of The School as they are all so inspirational and listening to their stories inspires you to work harder to achieve your goals.  In particular, I am so grateful to have met @megan_morton.  She is definitely a gold star as she is so supportive and giving with her time and wisdom.” 

Class anecdote: “I attended Robyn Holt’s first Small Business class with the intention of hoping to be instilled with insights in running a small business from such an amazing person that I have always looked up to, and also I thought it was a good opportunity to network.  What I got out of it was way more than I expected.  We were asked to discuss our business ideas or stories amongst groups and then one person was to be nominated to tell their story to the class.  We were so busy gas bagging in our group that we didn’t nominate anyone, until it was our group’s turn to talk. For some unknown reason I was picked.  Not naturally a person who likes to share their story, I stood up and told the class the story of my journey from a boat refugee to where I am today. I was so emotional that everyone in the class was so supportive that I shed a few tears. It was very unexpected. Further, I was able to meet and keep in touch with so many amazing ladies who have supported me on my next journey.”

 School learnings I use in my job: “I learnt to curate my Instagram feeds from @stephanie_somebody, as opposed to posting ad hoc. There is actually a science to Instagram.”

Classes on my wish list: “I so want to attend @rachelcastleandthings screen printing class, as Rachel is beyond amazing and I love every piece of her work. Also, I definitely need to attend Megan’s Science of Styling class.”

Photo by @annabellehickson

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