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Amanda Callan

Read all about Amanda and her soap making passion – we also want to make sure you know that her gorgeous husband Andrew is her number one soap-making-partner-in-crime! 

What’s on your blog roll?

I love getting lost in those beautifully photographed whole food blogs.. My New Roots, The Green Kitchen, and I could spend hours on youtube watching Rosemary Gladstar’s herbal garden tips. 

What’s playing on your iPod?  Spotify’s ‘100 most uplifting songs’ we put these on in the morning and dance around at 5am, cheesy. 

My ideal day goes like this …  At the moment if both the boys have a nap at the same time and I can have a hot cup of tea my life is ace. 

My favourite colour is: Pantone 489 U. Thinking about painting our caravan that colour.. palm springs vibes. 

Sweet or savoury? Savoury

Best song ever? That is a tough one.. something by George Harrison, for sentimental reasons. 

If I weren’t me I would be …Well I could be on a boat somewhere fleeing my war torn country. It sure is good to be me. 

My horoscope is …Aries.  and I truly am …stubborn (what feature/characteristic?)

Cat or dog? Dog

Previous life/occupation? How far back do I go? From video-stores to newsagencies to modelling (eek), working in health food stores, student of naturopathy and herbal medicine…. now mother, soap maker and farm wife (this combo is by far my most favourite) 

If you were to change your name, what would it be? Mrs Morris. 

Three things people will learn at your class …How to make soap, how to respond to dad jokes (that comes from Andrew) and hopefully a few things about herbs and oils. 

What class at The School would you like to enrol as a student? All of them of course, but if I had to choose right now.. I am truly fascinated by extreme knitting, and would love the kids to do french cooking! 


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