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Brooke Holm



Brooke's most recent work will be on exhibition at Koskela from the 8th of August until the 27th of September...we had the chance to sit down and ask her what it was all about...

1) If your new collection 'Artic' were a song/album/sound...what would it be?

It would be silence, with the faint sound of water lapping against the side of a boat, and the very subtle underwater lullaby of a harp seal.

2) What was the highlight of your 'Artic' trip? were there any technical challenges you had to overcome?

The highlight was seeing a polar bear mere meters from my face. It was terrifying and unbelievable. Around every corner there was a new unveiling of the landscape and fluctuating movements of the sea ice. Technical challenges are a plenty when it's freezing cold and you're trying to press the camera shutter and frame up 360 degrees of perfection. I found myself holding my breath while trying to concentrate, only remembering to breathe when my lungs gasped for air of their own accord. 

3) What moment made you decide that the Artic landscape would be the central focus for your upcoming solo show?

I knew it would be the focus of a show in the future, but it just so happened that Koskela provided the right timing and opportunity. This is only the beginning as there is much more of the region to explore.

About Brooke:

She really is the new kind of photographer. Old style techniques merging with the new world's social media savvy. Her view on life is big, her pictures are perfect and she lovesmore than anything to share her passion for photography. Anyone who has an SLR camera has something to learn from Brooke. Her Love Triangle is the bee's knees and will have everyone, no matter what their aptitude, improve their image making beyond their wildest dreams. Anyone can set up a good picture but capturing it is the important bit and Brooke's 101 Photography Class does this and more.

Her portfolio is inspirational, with all its big open skies and sharp product set ups; as is her instagram feed where she often posts pics of herself cartwheeling in meadows.


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