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In January we co-hosted a conversation on Money with Chelsea from Cash Full Stop and we were overwhelmed with the response. You asked us to bring it to a town near you, so here we are, taking the conversation national and bringing in a group of amazing people to share the conversation with us. We’ll talk about money life lessons and the raw ups and down that being a creative or business owner can have on our financial life. It will be real, honest and magical.

“I feel like I’ve waited twenty years for this conversation!” Megan Morton

This is perfect for anyone who wants insights to the financial experiences of others and even insights from the great, and not so great, decision they’ve made. It’s not a finance seminar but more a conversation between friends that we lead to laughs, nods of agreement and maybe even a fresh appreciation or new vibe to your approach with money.



6pm - 8pm

Monday 20th May 2019

LOCATION: The School, 2/85 Dunning Ave, Rosebery

PRICE: $150 - This includes a delicious snack, wine and refreshments and a copy of the Cash. Love your Money online program.



Megan Morton

Megan is a stylist, an author and a traveller extraordinaire. Megan can make your house feel more like you, but she can also make you feel more like you. Megan is the founder and principal of the School, a beautiful destination to learn hands on skills from masters of their crafts. Life changing classes because they are taught by good people and you also learn alongside great people. Megan has the ability to make atmospheres that make people obscenely happy. Megan has now extended those experiences to include immersive overseas adventures including excursions in Paris, India and Japan. Megan’s career is diverse and she has had the experience of working with many impressive brands and people doing impressive things. You can see Megan’s work in International glossy magazines but she is also the gal who will head to Murphy’s Irish Bar in George Street for bangers and mash if there’s a good band playing. Through travel, her work styling spaces and also being a business owner Megan has the insights of both highs and lows and in this conversation we’ll explore how this has impacted her perspectives and approach to work, life and money.

Chelsea Murphy

Chelsea is a Co-Founder of Cash. and joined financial planning because she wanted to know what she didn’t know about money. Chelsea is also the Co-Founder of a sports tech startup, PlayBook, we mention that because that’s been her biggest financial risk to date so will probably come up in the conversation. Chelsea and her husband Keiren are aspiring minimalists while their two young children are lego maximalists.

Toni Higginbotham

At The School we want everyone to get a handle on this new business terrain we all find ourselves in. We present Money Talks because we believe in small business and the creative business but want to turn the focus from the method and be making to the only thing that can make your business succeed and others fade.  We want to present real issues and solutions for those of you who find yourselves overwhelmed by the business end of the business. We want to share with you our hustle and our bustle with a panel of women who know what it means to jump financial goals and keep a clear creative and financial course. We will glean wisdom from the negotiation power and financial prowess of Toni Higginbotham, Australia’s most fierce casting director who will share her insights on getting over the speed bump of asking for what you want, as opposed to accepting the fee on the table.  She has negotiated for Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman and billed millions on a single phone call. “The rules are the same whether you are needing $100 or $100,000” says Toni. "Plus, there are no more rules as to who gets what, most budgets are carved up over many areas and it's these splintered opportunities that creatives can leverage." Toni’s legendary business-building insights will have you mastering 2019 as only Australia’s most applauded casting director can do. “The rules of winning business are the same no matter where you sit. No one taught us how to get what we want, and this is where you can make your advantage”.  


Megan and Chelsea will be joined on the panel by local guests who know your market.