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Read all about Elise and her candle obsession here ...
1. One (or 2!) things we don't know about you. I studied latin for 12 years!
2. What scent intrigues you the most. The scent of the mediterranean sea. It's got so many nuances.
3. What's your ideal day. Every day since I started Maison Balzac!
4. Best French fare in Sydney is... I don't think there are any!
5. If home is your castle what candle are you burning at the moment. I am burning LA LUMIERE, our latest collaboration candle made with Golden Age Cinema and Bar. It deliciously adds notes of leather and wood to our renovated church/home.
6. City mouse, country mouse - which candle do you burn where. In the city I love La Rose, sophisticated, and at the country I love La Lumiere which creates a warm ambiance.

7. What's your best candle collab about? It's about having fun and creating something we are proud of!


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