Em is 'Little Tienda' and has close to 30 years of traveling to Mexico and a heart full of passion for all things beautiful, fair trade and Mexican. This class was inspired by her recent trip to Oaxaca working with her artisans nd she can not wait to share their knowledge and skills. Em curates a unique onstore full of handmade clothing direct from Mexico, www.littletienda.com.au

Steph, also known to her blog and Instagram fans as 'This Brown Wren' -Steph is a maker, creator and crafter. Her hands always trying to keep up with the flurry of ideas as she repurposes, makes do and creates her world. A teacher by trade, it brings her joy to watch others learn create with their hands. Steph can be found at her blog www.thisbrownwren.blogspot.com.au

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