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Fiona Wright

Fiona began as a textile TEACHER travelling to the world’s most textile centric countries. Now, the community-conscious enterprise ‘The Stitching Project,' she and her husband Praveen have built, work with the most sustainable methods of production, making what can only be described as some the most beautiful things in the world.  How grateful we feel to have a woman who has been doing the right thing for so long teach us about the simple yet complex world of stitching. We feel so lucky to have her leading this class, along with her posse of incredible Indian village women on Zoom, and we are deeply inspired by someone who has pursued the notion of natural dyed cloth and hand stitching for most of her adult life.   

Feeling low? It might be time to group sew!  We all know that happiness is handmade, Fiona adds ‘the metaphor of stitches for improvement and repair is never lost on my and the many women at The Stitching Project who make these quilts. They are evidence of small seemingly insignificant efforts that make gigantic and beautiful gestures’. 


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