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Cherry Ring

Cherry Ring

You could look at this one of two ways, our limited edition ruby and emerald pinky (or pointer finger) signet ring makes you ahead of next year's cherry season, or just in time for your fingers to honour the endless summer.

We had planned these beauties for pre Christmas release but they are here now, and we are thankful. They are divine. They are made by someone we love and admire in our beloved Jaipur, India and remind us of our all time favourite fruit. 

 “With two daughters I wanted a ring that we could all wear’ said The School’s Megan Morton . "My youngest and my eldest love it as much as I do and we each wear it on different fingers".  We have 5 genuine ruby and emerald sterling silver signets landed and we are taking preorders should you miss out. A 9 CARAT GOLD option is available if you’d rather not mix your metals. 

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