Hailey is very excited about filmmaking. She’s currently making a couple of documentaries and has filmed and directed several TV ads and awardwinning short films, not to mention a TV series for ABC. But Hailey really enjoys bringing filmmaking to a level that anyone can try and actually achieve results. Her film ‘Finding Love,’ made entirely on an iPhone, has been viewed nearly 20,000 times and has inspired people all over the world to create their own mini-masterpieces. As well as the technical details, you’ll learn all about developing an idea, planning, filming and editing the story. Hailey’s workshop will give you the skills to learn how to express yourself in this amazing medium.


Mini-marvel 13 year old Zali Bartholomew knows a thing or two about making films. She also knows a thing or two about blogging, fashion, craft, pineapples and making tutorials. Zali joins her mum to help her and inspire you that no matter how old you are, you can make films too!

Read all about Hailey here! And visit Zali's fantastic blog here!


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