The devine Jacqueline Fink will be leading New Yorkers through her very special Extreme Knitting class in October when The School hits the Big Apple. Jacqui herself has never been to New York, so we sat down with her to hear what she is most excited about come October:

  1. What is the first thing you do when you arrive in New York City? 
    I am gunning for a blueberry bagel with cream cheese.
  2. Where is your favourite cafe/bistro/restaurant?
    At this point, my plan is to just follow MM wherever she goes because I know her footsteps will lead me to abundant beauty
  3. Your favourite NYC museum or gallery and why?
    I’m desparate to visit the Guggenheim and the Museum of Natural History.
  4. In your words, what will the students from your NYC class experience and take-away from the class?
    Of course, a beautiful extreme knitted merino wool scarf. But the class is about so much more than this. It’s about the creative journey, the need to be in touch with our creative selves, that salvation can be found in creative pursuits and the realisation that we already possess all we need to turn our lives around and live in a way that has meaning.
  5. What is your travel essential?
    Lip Balm
  6. What can you not leave NYC without doing?
    Visiting the September 11 memorial and walking the High Line.
  7.  What is the most interesting project that you have used your extreme knitting to make?
    A super sized wall hanging made entirely of wide strips of hand cut, felted, hand stitched and then hand knitted naturally coloured merino wool to make an oversized wall hanging approximately 3m wide by 7 metres long. I hand picked each colour strip to create an ombre effect. The piece was both arresting in its visual impact and comforting in its effect. It took approximately four months to make.


Jacqueline Fink is Australia's most loved extreme knitter. She is fearless, clever, a great sharer and beyond gifted. If you want to see the meaning of patience, look at her instagram feed of her impressive extreme knitting. Jacqui's incredible knitting can be seen (but needs to be seen in the flesh to be believed) at www.littledandelion.com or below via her Instagram!