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The genius thing about Maryanne's class is that it's so visually elaborate and yet so easy. The key is in mastering the technique, and Maryanne has done that and then some. Her weaving techniques, her art direction and colour nouse ensures everyone's work is perfect. Maryanne wants everyone to love weaving as much as she does and insists that each class student takes home their beautiful wooden woven loom, so you can keep up the mastery.

Her work and the process can be seen on her website (be warned - you will want to buy it all!) See her instagram here. (Warning, very cute shots of her baby Murray - one of the reasons she started weaving - and divine custom orders).

Maryanne is the real deal qualified teacher. See her instagram it will make you crazy with making lust - her work, her ideas, her colour combinations and her techniques are all at your service. You won't believe how addictive it can be. Take that as a warning, as Philips says, "I literally can not stop - nor do I want to" adding that "I thought I wasn't creative, I just hadn't discovered the joy of rhia knots!". 

Come discover rhia knots and so much more.


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