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Maybelle has the most covetable handwriting 'round town and we are bringing her famous Calligraphy class to New York on the 10th of October...the class will be held within an amazing private property in Chelsea... but in-between teaching for The School we sat down and asked Maybelle where we will find her...

1) What is the first thing you do when you arrive in New York City?
I like to go to the MOMA

2) Where is your favourite cafe/bistro/restaurant?
Too many to name, but Momofuku noodle bar is my current fave.

3) Your favourite NYC museum or gallery and why?
Well you know already know about MOMA, but the Isamu Noguchi Museum in Queens is next on the list. It's only open May-October. The last time I was there was with my (then) three year old twins, of course you're not allowed to touch any of the sculptures so that was a challenge! 

4) In your words, what will the students from your NYC class experience and take-away from the class?
You will learn the basics but we are not aiming for perfection! Not only will you learn the basics of modern calligraphy but you may find it meditative to practice and soon you will find yourself writing out your grocery list in calligraphy!

5) What is your travel essential?
Black Cashmere Scarf. Sketch book. Lavender oil.

6) What can you not leave NYC without doing?
A visit to ABC carpet and home! 

7) What is the most interesting project that you have used your calligraphy on?
Megan always has the best ideas, but I have to say most interesting was when we were in Brisbane and I was asked  to write on Margot, Kara Rosenlund's Vintage Mercedes Benz! 


Her work has been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings and so many blogs the list is too long to list. Basically she is the Queen Bee of all things written. In a world where writing seems to be redundant with social media and our cut and paste standard procedures, Maybelles work seems to stop you in your tracks, especially when you realise that with her templates and tuition you too can write like Maybelle! p>In the world of penmanship, Maybelle needs no introduction. Her script is what a lot of people derive their own from and her teaching technique is inspired and means no one (no matter how messy there writing is!) leaves without perfect penmanship.

From San Franscisco, her hand is in demand the world over and her divine musings can be read about on her blog If you are interested in this class, a visit to Maybelle's portfolio website is the ideal introduction to her style, her technique and her deliberate softness.

She instagrams as well but like most things hand done, its SO much more beautiful in the flesh!


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