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1) What is the first thing you do when you arrive in New York City? 

If it is shop hours, a quick visit to Paula Rubenstein to GAH!  If it's after hours I like a nice promenade walk down Fifth Avenue to see the bright and shiny, so I can feel like I am in a rom-com. 

2) Where is your favourite cafe/bistro/restaurant? 

Odeon in TriBeCa. Zero fuss.  

3) In your words, what will the students from your NYC class experience and take-away from the class?

A new way of seeing and conceiving visual collateral and a new inspiration stick for their styling. It is like a day spa for the creative mind. 

4) What is your travel essential?

I don't think anyone really can be bothered to take a cashmere blanket or their own eye mask anymore can they?! I do like to smell nice though. As that plane ride means you can't control much, your own smell can be satisfying. Diptyque Fig (men's) is my plane choice because it's not overt or feminine, the ideal unisex flying fragrance! 

5) What can you not leave NYC without doing?

Dancing. A proper night out dancing. 

6) Favourite New York gallery?

Definitely Cheim Reid, it houses Louise Bourgeois, Robert Mapplethorpe and Sean Scully and they're personal favourites. It's 547 West 25th Street and it is literally heaven. As I approach it I get all the same subtle butterflies, slight anxiety and expectation as the last time. Each visit I have had my mind blown. 

7) Do you have a favourite memory from New York that you can share?

Walking up Kiosks gritty stairs to see it in the real for the first time after loving it from a far for so long. And realising that it truly is the small things that are important and rightly make us feel so good.  AND I already have a favourite moment for this NYC trip with The School - when Miso and I take a blindfolded Stephanie Somebody out on her NYC hens night !  

About Megan:

Google here. Its all there. The work, the books, the tearsheets. But what is not mentioned is her love of sharing. "The styling classes are called that, but what they really are is a creative kick in the arse to anyone who is wanting to pursue creative services in any way, shape or form". Her 15 years of styling has taught her many things, but most importantly the key secret, that the minute you give it away / share it, there is room for so much more! Styling is her favourite thing in the world to do, and teaching it / talking about it / workshopping it is her second favourite. Her position in the styling world allows her access to the world's most talented people, which is why she dreamed up The School, so everyone can meet and learn from them.
(Photo by Hugh Stewart)