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Michelle and Janine

Michelle and Janine
Meet Michelle and Janine from Pony and Pressed who have taken their passion for beautiful things to create hand-stamped words and numbers onto precious metals. 
1) What’s on your blog roll? (a list of your favourite blogs)
So Many! A few of our faves - The Design Files, Design*Sponge,   We love reading Hadley Freeman's thoughts on our favorite 80's films (seriously if you are a fan, check out her website www.hadleyfreeman.com, you will spend DAYS reading and enjoying her posts!),  Me + Orla, Grey Likes Baby.  We love reading Stephanie LaCava's stories, articles & essays (stephanielacava.com- her book An Extraordinary Theory of Objects is divine).  We discover and read a lot about people we connect with through instagram (we are instagram obsessives), and we're a bit old school in that we love printed magazines and novels heaps also.
2) What’s playing on your iPod?
Michelle: I'm enjoying a step back in time, listening to my favorites from the Blur back catalog (after seeing them for the first time in July I have remembered how much I loved them!) and I've also been giving the Reality Bites soundtrack a spin lately (stuck in the 90s much?!). There's also a bit of The Pixies, The Smashing Pumpkins, Ash and Weezer on there at the moment. 
Janine: I just saw Straight Outta Compton, so I am listening to a lot of NWA, Dr Dre, Ice Cube and Snoop.
3) My ideal day goes like this ... 
Neither of us has a specific day in mind, but any ideal day for either of us starts in an exotic location. New York City, Mexico City, Santiago, Havana, Tulum, Rio de Janeiro...
4) My favourite colour is
Michelle: Black. Also white.
Janine: Mint green.
5) Sweet or savoury? 
Michelle: Sweet.  But also cheese.
Janine: Savoury. But also icecream
6) Best song ever?
Michelle: This is too hard! I love Britpop, so maybe something by Blur [You're so Great or End of a Century or Best Days] or Oasis [such a cliche but I love both Wonderwall and Don't Look Back in Anger] ...I am also a HUGE fan of Courtney Love and Hole, so also perhaps Miss World or Violet...I could probably go on all day.  Being decisive and definitive is not my strong point!
Janine: Express Yourself by NWA. I love that triple j played it non-stop for 24 hours (360 times in a row) in 1989 to protest the censorship of the station (ABC management demanded F*** the Police be pulled from the air after political pressure).
7) If I weren’t me I would be …
No idea! We kind of like being ourselves.  
8) My horoscope is … and I truly am … (what feature/characteristic?)
Michelle: Pisces. I am absolutely emotional, imaginative, and am totally over-sensitive.
Janine: Virgo. I am incredibly reliable, analytical and independent, and can be very skeptical!
9) Cat or dog?
10) Previous life/occupation?
Michelle: Before I had my boys (Maxi is 5, Ed is 4 and Gus is 18 months), I was an Aide to the Governor of Victoria, and prior to that worked for the Victorian Public Service.
Janine: Before I grew up, I spent my time travelling...I'm onto my second passport.  I've been all over, but I particularly love south and central america (I've visited 5 times...so far).
11) What did you want to be when you grew up?
Michelle: I don't think I ever really knew! I still don't, if I'm honest.  I always loved the idea of taking photos and being a photographer (the rise of instagram has allowed me to indulge this passion a bit, and running our feed is one of the funnest bits of the business for me!)
Janine: I always wanted to be a travel writer! Travel has always been such a passion of mine, I really wanted to get paid for doing what I love (that's the dream, right?)
12) What would you change your name to?
Michelle: Tough one! I was named after my paternal grandmother, but I got the anglicised version (her name was Michela) and I like her name better, so I think if I was going to change my name, it would be to hers.
Janine: I don't think I would change my name..
13) Three things people will learn at your class …
How to stamp sterling silver, how to stamp copper and how to oxidise stamped metals.
 14) What class at The School would you like to enroll as a student?
We did the Instagram 101 Class with Stephanie Somebody earlier this year which we LOVED...next on the list is Photography 101 with Brooke Holm, and we would of course also love to do MM's Science of Styling class.
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