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MISO has serious street-cred and we are so excited to be taking her to New York City with The School in October.
We sat her down and got the goss on what her favourite things to do when she hits the ground in the city that never sleeps:

  1. What is the first thing you do when you arrive in New York City? 
    Text all my friends! 
  2. Where is your favourite cafe/bistro/restaurant? 
    Cold beers on the Highline. 
  3. Your favourite NYC museum or gallery and why? 
    Dia Beacon... ! Minimal, difficult works, you know I'm there. 
  4. In your words, what will the students from your NYC class experience and take-away from the class? 
    Whiskey & scalpels - and everything that ensues from that combination. 
  5. What is your travel essential? 
    I'm not sure if he counts as a travel essential, but whenever I'm in an airport, I always find myself listening to Mississippi John Hurt. Maybe I can't travel without him anymore.   
  6. What can you not leave NYC without doing? 
    Leaving Steph Somebody a hangover to write home about.
  7. Is there someone that you will tattoo when you are in NYC? 
    ..... Steph Somebody! Maybe even in conjunction to the previous question. 


MISO * is based in Melbourne and Tokyo
. She is a acheived cult status in the art world for her free 24 hour tattoo parlour based in a paper cut cathedral and street art where she only dresses sites that she feels she can make beautiful. Miso has a Bachelor of Arts in Art History and is a Philosophy Double Major, which without a doubt makes her the smartest teacher we have ever had at  The School!  Her work is collected by major galleries (including The National Gallery) and her paper cut works, which is the basis of her class, are meticulous, methodical and beyond beautiful.  Want more Miso? Read about her work and artistic influences here. She is a popular topic in the art press given her works are in major galleries and collections, as well as on the streets. She wants to wear beautiful white linen suiting like John Lennon, but rides her bike so decided to wear black only and make her work only ever in white. Explore the delicacies and nuances of white with the one and only Miso.   
* know to her parents as Stanislava Pinchuk, but to everyone else Miso. She instagrams (mostly her celestial traded only tattoos) under M_I_S_O_See her feed below:

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