Morrison Polkinghorne (yes, his read name) is never allowed out. You see up until now he has been the private domain of the countries very elite decorators and designers brigade, on speed dial to those truly in the know. We love him because he can truly make a passementerie tassel worth of a gift itself with his eyes closed! But we also love his extraordinary wrapping methods from his beloved France, Japan and south east Asia. What he will teach you will ensure you are NEVER stuck for a present and everything, even the most boring of gifts will look totally resplendid. We love the fact he is like a French chamber maid crossed with a Burmese King, and his lessons have been developed so everyone can not fail at his unique, luxurious and very special wrapping techniques. Working in textiles all his life, he knows his woven ikat from his turks head knots, and Christmas is his favorite time of the year. 

Follow Morrison through is beautiful craft and travel journey, but be warned, do not look at his instagram if your cushions are lack lustre or you are hungry.


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