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Robyn Holt



Robyn Holt is a Sydney resident; she commenced her career in finance. But has worked and championed creative areas in all types of media.

M/s Holt’s 35 years in Business and commerce has enabled her to specialise in media, publishing, the fashion/ beauty and design industries where she held senior executive roles in Australia, Russia and the United Kingdom.

CEO of a $100million + International company, who owned Yves Saint Laurent a brand she ran for more than a decade.. Also CEO of Conde Nast both in Australia and Russia where she opened the market by launching new titles like Architectural Digest, GQ and Glamour magazine as well one offs like Conde Nast Traveller.   She opened the first international out of core business - Vogue Café and GQ Bar both highly successful licences.

In the UK she started Tyler Brule's Global media brand Monocle. (www.Monocle.com).  A magazine and ground breaking digital identity and a round the clock audio service called Monocle 24. Now Monocle has branded retail global stores, products and restaurants. 

Over the last 4 years M/s Holt has consulted to major institutions, corporations and start ups. She provides services in project management, leadership, strategy and financial management to senior corporate clients and chief executives. She has just accepted a board position for University of New South Wales Fine Arts Collage and has been a guest lecturer on Branding for Macquarie University Museum Programme.  A past Governor of Taronga and Western Plains Zoos and Trustee of Australian Museum. . Until recently she was a member and then promoted to Chairman Northern Territory Tourism.

She also is currently a councillor for Australian National Maritime Museum.

Married with a daughter she is an author of a children’s book she did with James Gordon and she is the producer of Thomas Hamel’s book Residence in its 3rd re-print. 



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