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Miss Somebody is Insta-bees-knees and we cannot wait to see New York through her feed...we checked in with her to see what she is looking forward to most when she lands in the BIG APPLE...

1) What is the first thing you do when you arrive in New York City? 
Hit the streets with my camera. I cant wait to be amongst it all again.

2) Where is your favourite cafe/bistro/restaurant?
Its been 5 years since I have been to NYC, so I am super excited to find my new favourite (and I have a list as long as my arm to try out!)

3) Your favourite NYC museum or gallery and why?
The MET because of Vermeer. I cannot stand in front of something and be more in awe.

4) In your words, what will the students from your NYC class experience and take-away from the class?
The best thing about the Instagram Debunked is every class is unique. By running the class as more of an open discussion, students can dictate the conversation and connect with other Instagrammers. Everyone will leave with the framework of a successful account and tools to build their own social media success.

5) What is your travel essential?
I am learning how to be better at packing light, but I really do like travel with all of my Aesop.

6) What can you not leave NYC without doing?
Nursing a proper NYC Hens hangover care of Miso and MM!!


Stephanie Stamatis is the face behind Stephanie Somebody, a stylist and creative director. Drawing inspiration from nostalgia and in the search for perfect imperfection, Stephanie lends her signature aesthetic to a growing list of editorial and advertising clients. There is only one Stephanie Somebody and you will understand this when you spend 3 hours with this inspiring, wonderful human. 

Her class is all about the tips, editing skills and know-how of the fascinating rabbit hole that is instagram. Learn from her story, take home her notes on editing your pictures and create a feed that is both satisfying and working at its maximum. Whether you instagram for business or pleasure her class touches both area, with a focus on aiming for a distinctive feed.

So of course Stephanie Somebody has a website, but she is best digested over on her favourite medium, Instagram, where her followers double tap at her incredible imagery.  


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