FLOUR & STONE We do not hide our love for the baked goodness that is Nadine Ingram's Flour & Stone. Her cakes (a chocolate cake so special she will make it only once a month), her panacotta lamingtons (that are so instagramable we are scared of what will happen now we have video-instagram!) and lemon drizzle have all featured heavily in our classes snack breaks making for the perfect crafting accompaniment.

CASSIE / FIRECRACKER Sure she is a caterer, but she is so much more than this! We fly her up for classes that we think will appreciate her witty take on food. A flavour cupid, she won our hearts with her french cheese balls, dipped in bacon sand (yes, bacon sand!) chased by a granny smith apple slither. She somehow marries sweet and savoury without either side feeling any injustice and her lunch spreads and deconstructed pavlova set ups are stuff of catering legend!

MARIO'S KITCHEN Never trust a chef that is too skinny! Mario is Lebanese, loves all things Mediterranean and know show to feed a crowd. We met him through the wedding industry but we have made him our own with his beautiful spreads that have had students climb ladders to capture his generosity before demolishing it!

KITCHEN BY MIKE We aren't silly. We set The School with the best people in their fields. Kitchen By Mike is our neighbour and food friend. The line is long, but deservedly so. Put simply, you wont eat better food in Sydney. Critics agree. We think anyone who is prepared to come in at 4 am to wood fire their own bread so we can have it for lunch is worth giving our School lunch money too.

And we will never make you drink, eat or Instagram sponsored food!

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