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25th-28th March 2020

3 nights & 4 days.

Lamu Island. Possibly the only destination where you can utterly and completely cut off. But the genius of Lamu and it’s atmosphere is that there is total innovation in the serenity. Walk with tribesman on foot at night. Experience a Unesco protected site that has no roads, only donkey paths. View the intimate interiors of the islands most extravagant and beautiful homes. Experience a whole new colour palette and a spirit of place like nothing else. Our Excursion has 3 nights in this incredible archipelago. You will visit Princess Grace's spectacular holiday house and you will fall hard for the Swahili architecture, Lamu lifestyle and incredible interiors.

“One of the best feelings (and getting so rare) is that feeling of not being entirely sure, not really knowing and being somewhere new.” says Megan Morton. “Exploring with no agenda, but chasing beauty and leaving us to do every skerrik of research has such rich reward”.

There is a rhythm here you can’t get in the earth. Lamu Island, surely is another Eden. 

We have Lamu covered and suggest you take our recommendation for onward safari and 5 or 8-day Kenya adventures.


25th - 28th March 2020
We will meet early on 25th to commence our Lamu Island adventure and will wrap up around lunch time on 28th.

includes everything bar flights, tips & alcohol.


NOTE: If you would like to speak to a Lamu Island Excursion team member about this adventure, please email classes@theschool.com.au, we'd love to chat.

*To ensure our time together is the best it can be, our itinerary is subject to modifications that will improve our Excursion; these include changes of venue, local weather amendments and any other "out of our control" things that may arise. Dealing with local challenges will sometimes affect even our most organised efforts!