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We have collaborated closely with the team at The Classic Safari Company to develop this exciting new Excursion.

Our tailor made itinerary takes in all of Peru's greatest icons including Lima, Cusco, Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca, whilst simultaneously leading you delightfully far from the tourist trail. Experience a sense of awe and leave the modern world behind to discover breathtaking scenery and remote communities rarely seen by Peru’s tourists.

As with all our Excursions, we will be travelling with a small group of like minded women, we’ll begin by dining on exquisite avant garde cuisine in cutting edge restaurants, wandering fabulous colonial architecture and shopping the bustling markets of Lima and Cusco. Moving deeper into the Andes we’ll experience remote mountain life as a local, drinking in the pure mountain air as we browse colourful co-operatives and marvel at the fascinating archaeological sites left by the Incas, of which Machu Picchu is the jewel in the crown. Our journey will see us walking the winding, rarely trodden Andean trails of the Sacred Valley. Leaving the well-trodden tourist trail far behind, we’ll see local people going about their daily chores, meet traditional artisans, pass roving herds of llamas and alpacas and drink in the landscape of majestic snow-capped peaks and impossibly turquoise lakes. Finally travelling to the brilliant blue Lake Titicaca we’ll step ‘aboard’ the inhabited floating Uros islands and discover their secretive communities who have lived unchanged for centuries.

We will of course, discover magical market treasures, along with an opportunity to take part in yoga and meditation sessions to connect with your own wellness and spirituality. If you want to be inspired by colour and creativity, whilst being humbled by nature, Peru will happily oblige.

This journey seamlessly blends cosmopolitan cities, authentic cultural immersion and the revitalising effects of nature with the companionship of a small group of likeminded female travellers.  This is a real adventure in comfort and style!

All the information you need and booking details are through Sarah at The Classic Safari Company, you can email her at Sarah@classicsafaricompany.com.au

This Excursion is priced in US$ and is US$8,500.