MEGAN MORTONSAM MCADAM COOPER & EMMA KNOWLES have joined forces for THE ultimate practical styling workshop.



This Food Styling + Product Styling Masterclass encourages you to train your styling muscles and gives you the opportunity to style FOOD and/or PRODUCT under the guidance of Megan Morton, Emma Knowles and Sam McAdam Cooper. It’s your chance to be guided and taught by established professionals that work outside of social media in the ‘real world.’ The Class has shooting exercises to fulfill on, as well as room for your own shooting but with our know-how, support and our equipment. We want everyone to leave this class nourished and nurtured but we also want the experience not to be in isolation. So for this reason we have designed the Styling Essentials Kit. There is literally not 1 more item you will need to nail every single shot. For anyone who wants to sit in the styling and shooting seat! Plus you get the Essential Styling Kit!* 

"It picks up from the learnings, shapes and theories taught in my Science of Styling Master Class but is geared to people who want to literally practice their styling muscle. It's like doing push ups - all day long!", says Megan Morton. Come test your practice in ideal studio conditions, over the categories of food and product.  We have commissioned what we regard as the best of the best of each industry, to teach and supervise. We encourage you to use this studio time to shoot your own product or food.

This class offers every possible styling scenario and the kit to match these scenarios, you will never need to think ‘but I don’t have a...’.  This 16 piece kit covers items that professionals rely on, as well as Megan Morton specific trick tools. It has the elements you need to style and shoot in your own home, office or studio atmosphere.

This Class is Perfect for:
  • Those who have their own products to shoot, and style, in a professional studio
  • Those who want to take their image making to the next level
  • Those who want to play for a whole day and let the energy, workflow and techniques from a group of A-gamers rub off on them
  • People whose businesses rely on beautiful product shots and set up styled shots.

We provide the ideal conditions – Professional studios, countless surfaces, props-a-plenty, cameras, but the real advantage of taking this workshop is the access to the Best-In-The-Biz; professional stylists and photographers who have international reputations for what they do and how they do it. Emma Knowles, Gourmet Traveller legend and prolific food stylist, will hold the hands of any budding food stylist. Megan Morton and team will help anyone with product photography. Sam McAdam-Cooper, along with Olympus, will give you the keys to the photography kingdom. Your chance to spend a day in the studio, with a professionally published crew, making your own images. 

  • Essential Styling Kit to take home – Please see below for the description of the 16-piece Kit you get to take home, and email us with any questions
  • Full day workshop with Megan Morton, Sam McAdam-Cooper (Inside Out and other numerous publications) and Emma Knowles (Gourmet Traveller and countless cookbooks).  Assisted by Katie Randell (food stylist for Arnotts, Megan Morton).
  • Day loan of an Olympus OMD SLR Camera (and their onsite assistance)
  • Olympus memory card to take home with all your shots
  • Everything (i.e. surfaces, flats, props, ingredients, furniture) you need to complete the Workshop’s Styling exercises as well as your own styled shots.
  • Working lunch
  • Love, support, and proper tips, tricks and tutelage on how to play an A-game  




11th of November

LOCATION: The School 2/85 Dunning Avenue Rosebery 2018 NSW

Price: $700 for a full day (includes studio hire, full access to surfaces, props and day loan of an Olympus SLR cameras, teaching from Sam McAdam-Cooper and Megan Morton and their team + your own Styling Essentials 16 Piece Kit.

It's a hands on situation, with major inspiration stations, and a class limit of 15.


  1. Magic Napkin: Designed by Megan Morton out of sheer need for a napkin, that can “fall and fold” with enough fabric, but also offer the user 3 different trim ends. “Contrast overlocking to make the ultimate corner, a beautiful raw edge and a hand stitched-possibly-by-a-french-seamstress edge, it really does go so many ways with the right amount of fabric that is neither too lean nor too much!” 
  2. Lucky Ribbon: This will do nothing but give you good stylist's vibes/luck! “Sometimes you need a stylist's version of your teddy or blankie. For me, the ribbon is it! Keep it around your ponytail, wrist or under your brooch, or swap it out for your own lucky charm,” says Megan Morton. "I like it because it doesn't look like your usual comfort item, yet for me, it's a provider of strength from the ribbon gods above!”
  3. White Gloves: Great for Michael Jackson impersonations or handling on-set brass, copper, glass or crystal props. Don't leave home without them!
  4. Spritzer: Fill with water or oil, I like to fragrant mine with Rose Water. Or leave empty to blow some air into your shots.  
  5. Mini Pins: Styling kits rely on extra large items and mini ones! There can be nothing cuter or handier than these miniature pins. 
  6. Robert Gordon Ceramic: Not overly shiny - go away reflections! And not overly matt. We have found the ultimate food plate. Note its size; professionals don't shoot on standard dinner plates. To make the shot more intimate we usually select something smaller in diameter. This is the perfect amount of barely there surface texture, with some polish, in a 21.5cm diameter surface area, with a slight rimmed edge. Think produce, beans, rigatoni, buttermilk pancakes, berries with custard, sushi, and the list goes on and on.! 
  7. A Black: For the same reason we have also included ‘a white.' These small reflector boards are just the right size for harnessing light or adding some shade to your shots at home. A must-use for those who adore natural lit images; put near your own natural light source at home and watch their magic. As with most things in life, in styling it's sometimes the simplists things that make the biggest difference. 
  8. Perini Marble: This slab, from Perini Tiles in Melbourne, will get your overhead square format foot shots or it's the perfect background surface, as a stand in splashback. Chosen for its palette and its surface polish, as well as its perfect size,  this neat and storable piece slips behind your door, under your bed or between that annoying space near your fridge, for easy access when you decide to turn your kitchen upside down for a 'shoot'.  “Or better still,' says Megan, "use it as the perfectly lush chopping or serving board," who adds small plastic adhesive feet under her's and stores it in the kitchen, for everyday appreciation, or when people drop by. The ultimate snacks platter!
  9. A White: See # 8 description, for 'A black.'
  10. Stand: This has been custom made to hold your white or black reflector in place while you make the magic. Through it's genius, it can also hold a small frameless painting, a stack of photographs or graphic momemto’s for mantelpiece or display shots. It also makes for a stand-in chock; a small wedge of wood that can be used horizontally or vertically to give height to an item at the back of a picture, raising it above the height of the things in front. 
  11. Scissors: Good looking sharps are hard to find. Many are great looking but not good enough as scissors. Others are great working scissors but distressingly unattractive. We chose these as the 'must-have snips' over so many other options because they are the easiest for your knife sharpening man to sharpen for you. They cut ribbon, paper and bamboo. You can also add the lucky ribbon (see No. 3) to keep them around your belt loop!
  12. White Tac: Thank goodness they made it in white, not just blue! We adore Blu-Tack for a million good reasons and we assumed you have your own stash of the Blue stuff, so we have 2 sticks of the good white stuff. It makes for an easy retouch of an on the wall artwork and can keep a spoon facing just the right way, without throwing blue onto your surface!
  13. Bamboo Sticks: Curling paper, if you can't locate a smooth barrelled pencil, making prosciutto look its best and coaxing food and produce into place. They are thin enough to break down to use as a support for smaller items, unlike their prop cousins the pokes (see item No. 16) which splinter when snapped down; potentially popping through the often fragile surface of what it is you are trying to photograph.  
  14. Pokes. “While they look the most useless kit-inclusion, they are for me, the most vital,” says Megan Morton. “I use them to gently add ripples to napery and linen, a gentle poke here and there helps create those lovely ebbs and flows in textiles that can often be so elusive to achieve naturally.” These are to stylist, what bobby pins are to a hairdresser! 
  15. 3M Double-Sided Tape:  We have learnt to rely on this red roll the hard way, with many broken art works, fallen or dropped pictures and shattered or smashed props. We don't want to dwell on the on-set/on-location negatives but you will feel a lot safer and secure with this tape. If you find anything stronger that is not an elephant's foot, tell us! 
  16. Clip: Keep your ribbons or trims in order, according to each shot. Hold valuable or don't-lose invoices and paperwork together. Shoot a  bundle of old recipes together. Whether you put this gold clip to use at the back end, behind the scenes, or up the front, under the camera lens, there is not a better looking clip than this one! 

Note: If you're thinking about this class, call the office on (02) 9693 2782 to register interest and talk through questions

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